Information Assurance Management is the full form of IAM. You can achieve IAM certification by passing the test of a specific exam. This course fully supports who are new to asset management. Although it will help a lot if you have some working experience in asset management. Because it is designed with the focus on management which leads towards leadership stuff.

There are three IAM certification levels such as one, two and three. Level 1 considered as entry-level, level 2 is intermediate and IAM certification level 3 is an expert level.

However, it is very attractive for the government as well as for the private sector because many applicants required in both sectors who meet one of the certification levels.

The IAM Certification Registration and Qualification Process

  • First, you need to choose the right certification for your-self like a diploma or certificate.
  • Secondly, you need to decide that you want to take a training course and what other preparations required.
  • Now you can register as a candidate by creating an account on the IAM website. Select the exam which you want from the list of examinations.
  • Choose the location from the list of test centers that are nearest to you.
  • You can also choose the time and date – in this way you can see the examination availability.
  • Now, book your place.

Exam Details:

This is two (2) hours exam which can be taken online at approved IAM exam centers. It has five compulsory modules comprises of sixty (60) multiple-choice questions.

The IAM certificate will be awarded to those candidates who will achieve an overall score of 65 % but not less than 50 % in each of five (5) modules.

It’s a close book exam. So in the exam room, no need to take printed reference material or dictionaries.

Depending on your prior knowledge, it is recommended that 150 hours required for the preparation of this exam.  

IAM Exam Module & No of Questions:

Module one which is “Principle of Asset Management” comprises twenty (20) questions while module two “Asset Management Policy”, “Strategy” and “Planning” have ten (10) questions. Similarly, module three i.e. “Managing Asset Life Cycle Decision & Activities”, module four which is “Assessing and Managing Asset Management Risks” and module five that is “Finance and Business Impact” also have ten (10) questions.

Examination Board:

The role and responsibilities of the IAM examinations board are mentioned below.

IAM board provide you platform for the examination like it designed and managed all the processes for the candidates including the accessibility of exam and awarding the IAM certificate or IAM diploma. Board is also responsible for the quality assurance of IAM certifications, which includes the verification process of those who are claiming for the certificates. If you require any further help or information related to IAM Certificate, you can easily contact the board here on this email i.e. Exams@theIAM.org or you can also contact us we will happy to assist.

IAM Certification Training Provider

One of the best IAM certification training provider in Canada is Genius World Consulting. You will get training under the supervision of experienced professionals from where you will be able to develop a business-centered appreciation of Asset Management with the enhancement in decision making power.

Moreover, this course is versatile in nature which will also help you to learn teamwork and break down disciplinary silos. Yes, finally candidates will be able to take and pass the exam of IAM certification.

Who is Eligible for IAM?

This certification is purely for those who are new to asset management or having some initial working experience in an asset management role. There is no initial requirement for this certification and also membership of IAM is not mandatory. However, you just need to register yourself with IAM. If you still need any type of help don’t worry Genius World Consulting is available to guide you properly. Call us now.


Cost of IAM Certification:

It’s not very expensive like others but the certification fee covers the registration process and entry to take the exam. If the candidate uses the option of re-sit in the examination, even then he/she can go for it with the same fee for registration and take the exam again.

Moreover, if you are taking the training course for the IAM certificate or it is organized by your employers, you must check the exam fee is included in the training package or not.


Why CIAM Certification?

No doubt, certification can make a large difference but not all certifications, only a few just like CIAM certification which gives back the true value of your money and time.

CIAM stands for Customer Identity and Access Management which truly maintains the customer identity and profile data in a highly secure environment. It also provides control of customer access to applications and services. However, the good CIAM solutions give you multiple features including registration, account management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and access management, directory services, and data access governance, single sign-on (SSO), consent and preference management.

At any platform or channel, the best CIAM solution ensures a secure, seamless customer experience at extreme scale and performance.

You can deliver these solutions through software that can be implemented in a place or in a private cloud or through API. As it provides a business-friendly environment so customers feel free to do business with anybody, even, if they have some bad experiences.

To get training from endorsed trainers you can visit Genius World Consulting.

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