Why Cyber Security Business Analyst is important?

Cyber Security Business Analyst

Living in a digital era, in which the internet works like oxygen to carry out our daily routines. It, not only businesses rely on the internet but also huge home usage is increasing day by day. However, these immense benefits of internet technology brought new challenges and risks for society.

Technology is a two-way sword, it does not only have pros but also the cons. With the advancement in technology, security became the major concern. The social media revolution has connected the people living far away, making communication effective. The network of the World Wide Web made the planet earth a global village. Where people from every nook and corner can contact, talk, educate, can see and do their businesses. E-Business is one of the easiest ways to earn money by sitting at your home.

Search engines like Google, Firefox, and Bing, etc. are providing a place to the researchers, students and teachers to get required data and research in no time. Amazon an e-commerce site is providing opportunities to various women entrepreneurs and other underprivileged people to take part in the country’s development by availing this opportunity. Alpha genomics paves the way for the medical equipment and materials buyers. Alibaba is leading sales and purchase site for all types of businesses, making hundreds of job opportunities. All the above-mentioned facilities and amenities for the comfort of human beings are just because of the digital revolution.

But the problems like personal data security and privacy are ramifications of doing E- Businesses and social media. Hacking, sensitive information theft, privacy breaching are concerned to be taken care of before starting an online business, website or a platform, etc.

Therefore a Cyber Security Business analysts are required to analyze the situation in the best way and to make recommendations such as how to protect a business’s security, its innovation, product code security, and personal privacy. What firewall safety measures should be taken? How can an online business make progress and maintain its customer’s data, security, and privacy? Here comes the term Cyber security, which provides a secure environment for businesses from breaching or theft of information on the World Wide Web, Google, and social media platforms, etc.    

What is cyber security?

It is prevention from cyber-attacks by an individual or organization who is breaching the information systems of another individual or organization to seek some benefits.

Here, to know how much cyber security is important, the saying of former Cisco CEO John Chambers fits perfectly. Once he said, “There are two types of companies; those that have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.”  

To understand more about cyber security and cyber security business analyst importance, we should know the terms of cyber-attacks or cyber threats.


It is malfunctioning and deliberately attempts of a single person or organization to steal information from another person or organization.No doubt, the main root and initiator of cyber-attacks is a human being. So, if you have the latest security at your organization systems even then it’s very important to know about cyber-attacks because you are still not secure. However, there are different kinds of cyber-attacks but mainly we can classify them in two different general buckets: syntactic attacks and semantic attacks.

Syntactic Attacks:

These are different types of harmful software that are used to attack your systems for steeling the required information. In Syntactic attacks usually, the software used by hackers is the following: Viruses, worms and Trojan horses.


Semantic Cyber Attacks:

In these attacks, there is less use of software’s and hackers try to change the perception or behavior of a person or organization which is being targeted. The most common example of semantic cyber-attacks is a phishing attack. Usually, phishing occurs when an attacker sends emails related to your business company or stating that your account has been compromised. You are instructed to provide the specific information by clicking on the given link. They do all this to collect information from the recipient. Sometimes phishing attacks are also executed through some software’s but the main component is social engineering to change the behavior of a person while responding to the emails.


How to protect yourself from Cyber Attacks?

Yes, massive cyber-attacks are going on every day but you can prevent yourself and your business by taking some simple steps except that you have a good firewall or antivirus. Below is the checklist to save yourself from cyber-attacks.

  • Secure your computer and devices
  • Use encryption for important information
  • Administrative passwords
  • Choose strong passwords
  • Use spam filters
  • Educate your staff
  • Security policies and measures
  • Protect your customers
  • A proper backup strategy can help you to recover from a disaster.

All the above-mentioned points are part of the cyber security business analyst job. If you still need any type of help you can contact Genius World Consulting . However, Genius World Consulting is also providing proper Cyber Security and Business analysis training to give boost your business in a secure environment.

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